Shi Yuzhu: most famous comeback in China

Shi Yuzhu: most famous comeback in China


If Shi Yuzhu wanted to, he would have become the subject of media figures.
From nothing to a billionaire, he is a well known winners from billionaireto nothing, and he was a famous failure; from nothing to a billionaire, heis a famous comeback; he has created a unique story on the history of Chinaand the world economy. CCTV China economic person of the year for Shi Yuzhuof the citation shows in the history of China‘s economic heft. 2008 rankingShi Yuzhu with net worth of $ 2.8 billion global rich list at number 7 on the Internet.


From impoverished youth, to the billionaires ranked eighth, and debt of morethan 200 million of the country‘s poorest people, then to the net worth ofbillions of capitalists, Shi Yuzhu played a major comeback, and performance.


Shi Yuzhu is a giant network of now‘s Chairman and CEO, leads a tour Sundogs, self-deprecating big mouth hip hop life.


He can in micro-Bo Shang cool he of “Obama” and “Austrian meimei”, also can Sun journey 2T stage a row row beauty of thigh, also can hinted himself for mingzhi no short livelihood Bank do poured male, can to support giant network second half of will main push of fairy man theme online game fairy man world name main movie, gave its screen made his debut show, starred in “Jade Emperor” a angle.


Compared with LIU Chuanzhi business such as the Godfather, Shi Yuzhu has ahippie-type of wanton and everything the light wind. For Shi Yuzhu, perhaps,his return is not only harvest is a wealth, more‘s attitude toward life andsociety.


In 1992, a well-known media in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other citiesof tens of thousands of youth conducted a questionnaire survey, one of thequestions was, your favorite young people. The result, the first name isBill Gates, the second name is Shi Yuzhu.


In July 1989, a man named Shi Yuzhu of the Anhui youths standing alone inthe spacious mess on the streets of Shenzhen.


Shi Yuzhu of the Pack at this time, only the dongnuoxijie 4000 Yuan, and hespent 9 months M-6401 desktop publishing and printing system softwaredevelopment effort. Shi Yuzhu looks thin weak Gawain, a look is theappearance of a pair of scholars in the South. But he has exceeded an unusual gamble nature, that nature will repeatedly emerge in the course ofhis future business. First few days in Shenzhen for a few days, he wouldmake the first bet in a lifetime decision. He phoned the computer world, andoffered to put a 8400 worth of ad M-6401: a historic breakthrough. Onlyrequirement is advertising before they are paid. If the ad doesn’t work, Ionly pay half the advertising costs, and then had to run Yao. Afterwards,he said.


13 days later, he received three a total of 15820 Yuan bank accountremittance. Two months later, he earned 100,000 yuan. This is his businesscareer in the pot of gold, he and a stream of all the money thrown intoadvertising. 4 months later, he became a young millionaire.


In January 1990, Shi Yuzhu flew into two at Shenzhen University studentapartment, in addition to the next floor a week to buy instant noodles, hestayed in front of the computer for 150 days and nights. This time, he tookout the M-6402 word processing software products. When he walked out of theroom very dark when messy student apartment, he found that all the furniturein the House were gone, wife also disappeared not seen for several months.However, he is standing at a new starting point. He came from Shenzhen toZhuhai, and gave their own technology companies a very famous nameGiants. He announced that the Giants to become IBM.


In giant, was soon again his gambling nature led him to a decision that was opposed by all: computer manufacturers, as long as all over the countryordered 10 pieces of giant Hancock, Zhuhai, will be free to participate inthe giant of the sale. Over time more than 200 dealers from scholars,gathered in Zhuhai, Shi Yuzhu to cost hundreds of thousands of Yuan, fightsroom to weave a chain of China‘s computer industry‘s largest distributionnetwork. The next year, Giants Hancock sales ranked first of similarproducts in one jump, the company received net profits of more than 10 million Yuan.


Starting from 1992, giant computer industry, China has suddenly become aleader, Shi Yuzhu was named man of the reform of China‘s top ten, tenoutstanding technology entrepreneurs in Guangdong Province.


In 1992, on top of the cause of Lin Feng Shi Yuzhu proudly decided to buildgiant buildings. Giant assets have exceeded 100 million Yuan, aboutmillions of Yuan liquidity. Initial plan was to cover 38 floors, mostly for personal use, and no real estate ideas. The second half of the year, aleader of giant inspections. When he was introduced to when giant buildingsite visit, Pangu around, extremely expensive spirits said to Shi Yuzhu, thebuilding‘s location is very good, why not build something a bit higher? isthis phrase, let Shi Yuzhu changed his mind. Giant building design up from38 to 54, later identified as 70 floors.


Giant building is the first in Hong Kong, one of the real estate market ofuncompleted. Carrying the giant Group‘s illustrious reputation and a strongmarketing campaign, giant building uncompleted flats sold in Hong Kong are very fire, 1 square meters sold more than 10,000 Hong Kong dollars, withsales in the Mainland, Shi Yuzhu suddenly rings into 120 million Yuan.


In 1993, taste the sweetness of Shi Yuzhu in the uncompleted sales foundthat computers are too hard. Rapidly growing domestic market there are somany lucrative industry to tempt him. Soon, the merchant qualities, heselected the most popular health products industry.


Since then, Shi Yuzhu embarked on a multi-line war and Ju Rong ju loss ofbigheaded way. He take command, set up campaign headquarters consists ofEast, Central, South, North, Northeast, Southwest, Northwest and eightoverseas front, of which more than more than 30 independent branch intoarmy, Division, General Manager at all levels to Army Commander orCommander, teachers.


Shi Yuzhu to through the militarization of operation, from health productson the market to kill off one way. On May 18, 1995, Shi Yuzhu an attack.The Giants of cluster bomb, a one-time introduction of computers, health products, drugs, three series of 30 new ads, weight-loss, brain, kidney,bold, strong cocktail, covering almost all health concepts, put on a rack ofextensive cultivation. This could be advertising in Chinese corporatehistory one of the most intensive product promotion activities.


Time, the storm of advertising, news bomb like crazy torrents, thousands ofyoung and enthusiastic marketers went to the market, giant of the productsin the shortest possible period of time appear in 500,000 stores over thecounter nationwide. Less than half a year, subsidiaries of giant groupdevelopment from 38 to a record 228, personnel increased from 200 to 2000.According to statistics, at its peak, the giant group processing, matchingfactory has reached 150. At this time, Shi Yuzhu bet personality and eager for quick success and Barb to be exhaustive. As one of his men put it,knowledge of the young talent is obviously extremely contemptuous of publicintellectual on the advertising campaign has too much confidence. Peopleonly know in the future, when an article was widely distributed by gianthealth products shark cartilage as a promotional copy of the sharks arenot cancer, its signature is a United States University of California DrYuan bin, but really he is a know nothing about health care from the handsof foreign language students. Copy even the case, other health products,mostly brand-name College news or talented fiction into the Chinese minds.More surprising is that the giant health care manager was developed by anadvertising company Manager concurrently. Shi Yuzhu wanted people totestify, the backbone of the health care battle is not scientific researchpersonnel, but some rely on imagination and writing scholars eating.


Shi Yuzhu is unexpected, domestic health food market gradually to astandstill, while the giant edifice is like a big mouth forever open to rely on an enormous amount of money every day to fill out in order to continue togrow, multi-line war consequences finally emerged. In compellingcircumstances, Shi Yuzhu corporate liquidity will have to continue to deployhealth products to fill the giant in the construction of the building,resulting in a stretched the battlefield, a loss.


Since October 1996, giant Group‘s headquarters in Hong Kong, Zhuhai cityindustrial zone, the Nineth workshop more lively, bought some giant buildingto put creditors in accordance with the original contract to the giant groupHouse. But they see the protruding piece of engineering, and a growingnumber of signs that giant group probably has lost the ability to continue to build the building. News spread like wildfire and volume like a typhoonblew every corner of Zhuhai city, is not very large. Those with hard earnedmoney to buy a building uncompleted, originally dreamed of earning aticket‘s smaller creditors bear anymore. Eye crowd of man into a giantgroup.


By January 12, 1997, dozens of creditors and a group of journalists rushedto the giant Group‘s headquarters, giant image in the eyes of the publicand the media collapsed, beyond redemption. Actually, the crisis facing thegiant group was not to the point of winning.


Despite the failure of the Giants battle for the health promotion, but didnot complete loss of brand reputation in the market. In fact, giant buildingground works have been completed, only 10 million yuan of funds can bemoved, according to the real estate construction, five days could build up alayer, just cover up one layer at a time, creditors of the siege can benice, a lot of unexpected conflicts can be reconciled. However Shi Yuzhustranded.


In the three months after the financial crisis exposed, Shi Yuzhu is finallypresented to the media a giant restructuring plan, which consists of twoparts, one is based on the price of 80 million Yuan to sell 80% stake in the giant building, second, cooperation in the formation of brain gold, giantfertilizer and other products marketing company, to restart the market. Butover more than 10 ultimately fail. In this process, a huge Legion ofgiants eventually disintegrating. Shi Yuzhu has faded from public view.

National Federation of private enterprises to strengthen the guidance ofcrisis management

National Federation of private enterprises to strengthen the guidance ofcrisis management


In witnessing to Deron Williams, greencool for representatives of large private enterprises almost overnight after the collapse because of the crisis, “spokesperson of private enterprises,” said industry and Commerce formally “preventing private risk” on the agenda, and system level to help. Recently, the guidance issued by the National Federation of private enterprises to strengthen crisis management advises began arriving in the province, city and district Federation of the hands. “This is by far the National Federation of private enterprises to strengthen macro guidance management, introduced the first specialized papers,” Vice Chairman Sun Xiaohua said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua. China says, the file is “some large-scale private enterprises for private enterprises, especially crisis-prone phenomenon” developed. Thin sheet of paper, as “the Government Administration of non-public ownership economic lieutenants” of private enterprises in China helping the economic security of urgent heart at ease, and thereby began to explore building a private “rescue system” started. Sun Xiaohua said that the National Federation of private enterprises in attempts to establish a mechanism of risk prevention and crisis management. In addition, the status of the domestic securities market will become more active, National Federation of brewing also set up private holding company’s risk assessment and early warning system, and established “industry and Commerce Chamber of private listed companies.” Introduced z visit 11 provinces and cities, several drafts of “crisis of private enterprises” are key words in these two years. This attracted the attention of the CPC Central Committee United Front work Department, and the National Federation of. The first half of 2006, China started the “risk prevention and crisis management of private enterprise” research, visit 11 provinces and cities, 1Mid-the guiding opinions to strengthen crisis management in private enterprises released. “The opinion is issued on the basis of extensive research, can be said to be the National Federation of private enterprises in a long time, a summary of the crisis. “Located at 93rd North Riverside Avenue, Beijing’s industry and Commerce authorities building, Vice Chairman Sun Xiaohua told reporters. Sun Xiaohua, research, refers to the National Federation of last year’s “private enterprises in risk prevention and crisis management” research. In mid-December last year, the National Federation of five Executive Committee meeting of the ninth, of industry and Commerce Chairman Huang Mengfu, Vice-Chairman of the CPPCC work in the annual report, and the other two survey and called the National Federation of the year three important new research. National Federation of private enterprises crisis thinking throughout the current round of macro-control has always been. Back in 2003, in a “Memorial Li haicang” (haixin iron and steel group, former Chairman of private enterprises, the former Vice President, was shot on January 22, 2003) the Forum, Huang proposed should think hard about how to prevent the crisis. He said that in recent years, both foreign and domestic and the State-owned and private, have seen many cases of bankruptcy, liquidation, see savings of many small and medium enterprises, families and investors was sucked into the vortex. Two years later, in China held an important meeting, “the risks of private enterprises” continue to be keywords. In November 2004, the National Federation of leading hosted the first “China Development Forum”. Heads of private enterprises in 2005, 2006 and held a large salon, themes are “private enterprise risk prevention and crisis management”.But appeal does not seem to prevent the crisis-prone realities of private enterprises in China. Two years Tetsumoto, and DeLong, top, Skyworth, greencool, sweet principal large-scale private enterprises have been “an accident”. “It aroused great concern of the CPC Central Committee United Front work Department, and the National Federation of, Chairman of the CPC Central Committee Liu yandong, Huang and central United Front work Department of the Deputy Minister and first Vice President of the National Federation of Hu deping instructions several times,” said Sun Xiaohua. For the spirit of the instruction, the first half of 2006, China started the “risk prevention and crisis management of private enterprise” research, led by Sun Xiaohua. “Research and it took nearly half a year.” Sun said that meanwhile, composed of the National Federation of Legal Department, Ministry of economy of food research group, Liaoning, Guangdong, Hubei, Zhejiang, Shandong, Shanghai, Beijing and other 11 provinces and cities, “preliminary statistics, there are more than more than 100 businessmen and lawyers involved in the talks.” Zhejiang Province, Deputy Secretary-General of the Federation, accompanied by Zhang Juquan research group completed the “Zhejiang tour”. “The province of Zhejiang is the research group for most long, 4 days before and after,” he told reporters, “Ningbo first, then went to Hangzhou, held 2 seminars, with the participation of private enterprise are well-known enterprises in Zhejiang, including side too, Holley, guangsha, mass transfer, and so on. “Upon completion of the above provinces after a survey, last August, the 3rd plenary meeting of the legal Committee of the National Federation in Taiyuan on” risk prevention and crisis management mechanism of private enterprises “to discuss. Subsequently, China put forward on the establishment of National Federation of private enterprises in risk prevention and crisis management mechanism of vision (draft for soliciting opinions).”Because the mechanisms are still required, we decided to refer to the Commission last year issued guidelines on central enterprise-wide risk management, first introduced a similar guide. “Sun Xiaohua said. In mid-January, after several drafts, the guiding opinions to strengthen crisis management in private enterprises released. “Danger lurks everywhere” find deadly cause if you use one word to describe the present situation of crisis of private enterprises in China, which is “danger lurks everywhere”. When the crisis, enterprises must abandon “stop-gap”, to use “conditioning of the system” concept, to system management aspects, so as to plug the source of crisis or crisis comes, the maximum to avoid or reduce damage. “If you use one word to describe the present situation of crisis of private enterprises in China, which is ‘ dangerous ‘,” well-known brand and crisis management experts, Shanghai Zhuo Yue management consulting, Chief Consultant Pang Yahui says. This claim is supported by another crisis management expert, Chairman of key public relations consultant in Beijing, endorsed you changqiao, “that that is the case.” “Given the current situation, while entering a good momentum of development of the private economy, but faces high risks and crises.” Sun Xiaohua said. Despite the “danger lurks everywhere”, but private attitudes are worrying. Pang Yahui says, Chinese enterprises, is not only a private, including the State-owned enterprises, and consciousness of crisis management are very weak and even don’t know, let alone or at a time of crisis prevention have sophisticated coping mechanisms. It did the survey, over 80% of the enterprise is when the crisis comes to a hurried response, to no avail.”After the crisis, companies often take a negative approach,” you changqiao sympathetically. Next built crisis management coordination mechanism of private enterprises in China will set up risk prevention and crisis management mechanisms as the next target. The mechanism consists of two major elements: one is similar to joint conference system for crisis management coordination mechanisms; the second is with the relevant departments to establish “one to one” link system to specific case studies. As of right now, how to implement the views, is China’s top priority. “In the past when we went to enterprises, business risks and crises are asking less content, will be strengthened in the future to investigate,” said Sun Xiaohua, “if doing such work, implementation will greatly promote its views. “It is reported that this year, China will also promote the preparation and set up of the Chamber of private holding companies. “Mainly to strengthen liaison with the regulatory bodies, enhance private enterprises to adapt to regulatory policy and understanding, improve the corporate governance structure, risk prevention, crisis response,” is responsible for the operation of the industry and Commerce Ministry said. [Read the opinion] when a crisis suddenly cash flow is the lifeblood in the appraisal of the guiding private enterprise when several opinions to strengthen crisis management, Federation Vice President Zheng Mingzhi, Zhejiang Province, with three “very”: “excellent private enterprise for practical, very targeted, very maneuverable. “In the opinion of, National Federation of private guiding the basic processes of crisis management, including crisis prevention and dealing with these two main parts. “Full attention to cash flow”In recent years, falling due to capital chain rupture enterprises abound. In the opinion, National Federation on several occasions reminded the private enterprises to focus on cash flow, “cash flow is the basis of existence, is the lifeblood of business.” In crisis prevention aspect, the opinions and advice companies liabilities, and contingent liabilities such as guarantees, maintain an appropriate level of debt ratios and solvency, and maintain a certain cash flow. On crisis management link, views remind enterprises “full attention to cash flow”, and recommends that when necessary, act decisively to restructure corporate assets, shrinking investments, and ensure adequate cash flows through the crisis. Establishment of an early warning and emergency response mechanism on crisis warning, think the opinion includes 3 aspects: information gathering, assessment and prediction of the potential crisis. First of all, enterprises should establish good management information system and, secondly, based on the information collected, were determined and the major risk factors that led to the crisis; Thirdly, different monitoring objects, set up early-warning index system; and, finally, according to the early warning indicators of the standard, to assess for enterprise operation and management. In the area of emergency response to sudden crisis-handling mechanism, the opinions and recommendations, Enterprise according to its own characteristics, and the possibility of a crisis type to develop treatment plan, clear guide to action, the crisis and propose solutions and steps. “Crisis management plan including: treatment institutions, investigation, crisis management procedures, crisis response, crisis communications approach, Enterprise allocation and transfer of power.” “Entrepreneur crisis”Opinion stressed that private entrepreneurs should pay particular attention to preventing crises caused by its-related issues, “should attach great importance to their health and safety, successor training and placement, family ownership, decision-making and management and personnel arrangements, not suspected of crimes and other issues. “The opinions and recommendations to prevent unreasonable because of unclear property rights and ownership structure of the potential crisis

Entrepreneur survival risk management

Entrepreneur survival risk management
Master of risk management is not necessarily the greatest entrepreneurs, butgreat entrepreneur is master of risk management wenliuxingcheng
Since the end of 2008, Huang guangyu, three times elected to the richestentrepreneurs of wealth can be heard reports of alleged economic crimes.Self MOU qizhong, and Yu Zuomin, and Chu Shijian, Tang wangxin, Sun DAWU,and Chen Jiulin, and Zheng junhuai, and Gu chujun, and Li Jingwei, and Dai Guofang, and Gong Jialong, Chen tonghai, Zhou zhengyi, Mr Zhang, etc then,ill-fated legal risks for Chinese entrepreneurs have one more encounter inLok Ma.
Lok entrepreneur in the law, and the operation and management of enterpriseinsolvency or bankrupt entrepreneurs, was defeated by the risks, no matterhow brilliant they once, is not considered good entrepreneurs, they alsomissed, unless it is able to make a comeback and a career.
Operation and management of enterprises, is the integration of resources andprocesses to manage risk. Entrepreneurs sometimes fall within the legalrisk, sometimes troubled economic risk, legal risk and economic risk isoften most of the time came together.
He who laughs last, laughs best? Good entrepreneurs at least the tumbler.Great entrepreneurs to enterprise management and administration of theircentury-old shop, realization of Evergreen.
The difference between good and great entrepreneurs is that entrepreneursare generally of good risk management experts, or discover and use riskmanagement experts of the Bole, and great entrepreneurs is a master of riskmanagement. Great entrepreneurs not only attaches importance to the economicrisks of the enterprise, pay more attention to the legal risk. Legal risksof collapse of an enterprise can be dragged down even, such examples abound.Regardless of whether Mu qizhong and neg really commit the crime of fraud onletter of credit, the plain truth is, once the largest private enterprisesin SouthGerman group and therefore ceased to exist, one filled with emotion.
Master of risk management is not necessarily the greatest entrepreneurs, butgreat entrepreneur is master of risk management. United States of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Wang Shi, China‘s Li Ka-shing, ren zhengfei, theyare great entrepreneurs, and is a master of good risk management. Enterpriserisk management can be great entrepreneurs to the extreme, they areoutstanding master of risk management.
Continuously maintains the status of 13 of the world‘s richest man Bill Gates often said is Microsoft only 18 months away from bankruptcy. This isBill Gates‘s understanding of enterprise risk.
Newly crowned world‘s richest man, Warren Buffett, Graham, apprentice masterof risk management, life‘s margin of safety investment principles, mainlyby investing in the success of the world‘s richest man, whose BerkshireHathaway Company owned shares had hit a record of as much as $ 130,000 pershare. Only two Buffett‘s investment principles: first, never take risks;the second, never forget the first.
In the view of many entrepreneurs, Chinese‘s richest man, Li Ka-shing, is very conservative. Especially during the economic crisis, Li Ka-shing‘scompanies will retain a large amount of cash, greatly reducing the debtratio. Never got into Li Ka-Shing enterprise financial risk approach, laidout his position during the Chinese entrepreneurs in the wind and rain.
The spread of the global financial crisis in 2008, Huawei‘s global salesrevenue of $ 18.33 billion, an increase of 42.7%. Ren especially vigilant in times, when the company was in the ascendant, ren zhengfei internal thinkingarticles published in the winter of Huawei. Since then, China economic andbusiness circles to describe the economic downturn or when there‘s a risk,winter analogy.
Real estate companies, China vanke company became leader, and Wang vankecompany fixed a lot of the rules can be implemented is inseparable. Vankerisk rule, one does not touch legal red lines, second, instead of a profitof more than 25% of real estate projects.
Gree electric appliances [1.26% fund research], Chairman Zhu jianghong andGeneral Manager Dong mingzhu, flatly refuses to diversified temptation whilesteadfastly refused in a wide range of business risks, concentrate on air conditioning, the achievements of China‘s air conditioner industry first andso far only world famous.
Great entrepreneurs are risk management guru, and hapless entrepreneurs eachhave their own risks. Entrepreneurs how to avoid bad luck, and become a goodor great entrepreneur, winner for the King became the winner in thecorporate jungle? Entrepreneurs in an invincible position sleeve has at least two: one is to not push legal red lines and the other is to controlfinancial risk.

Private economy in China

Private economy in China

Private economy in China
The two session of the twelve CPPCC National Committee held this afternoon “to deepen the reform and promote the sustained and healthy economic development” press conference, the CPPCC Standing Committee, former vice chairman of the NLD central Peking University, director of the division of Social Sciences, honorary president of Peking University Guanghua School of management, Li Yining at the meeting said that the reform of the rest of the hard is mainly of interest group and institutional inertia.
Li Yining said that our reform has been more than 30 years, today’s reform situation and more than 30 years ago is not the same, because some of the more easy to reform has been changed, and the rest are some problems. Mentioned “what is the bones? I actually saw two big questions. First, interest group. Interest groups, they believe that the reform is detrimental to their interests, so there are a variety of different responses.
Second, according to the view of institutional economics, there is a system of inertia, also known as path dependence. The old road is used to, and the new road is always the right place, where it is not appropriate, the old road is always the most insurance. These two problems need to be solved in the reform.
Li Yining pointed out that the interests of the group should be the first of the future prospects of China, China’s future development as a problem for us, interest groups on this issue should be subject to the overall situation, we need to change, but we also see the actual interests of the reform process should be considered from the overall situation, not because some of the interests of the group’s opposition or obstacles to reform, which requires determination. As for the path dependence problem, it is also the need for a kind of courage to reform. Because people are accustomed to, think of the past, the right, the right, so many years, and now what. Also has a problem of concept renewal. So, I think the prime minister Li Keqiang mentioned “a ruling means to resolve”, which is consistent with the actual China”.

New era of wealth

New era of wealth

New era of wealth
2002 years in October, the party’s sixteen, greatly promoting the rapid and healthy development of non-public economy, forming a third wave of development. The first time the sixteen report clearly suggested that “we must unswervingly consolidate and develop the public ownership economy. ,. We must unswervingly encourage, support and guide non-public economic development. And, as China’s basic economic system established, the non-public economy has been elevated to a hitherto unknown height, to including private entrepreneurs Feng public ownership economy people a “reassurance. In February 24, 2005, the State Council issued the “opinions” on encouraging and guiding the development of the private sector, for the first time the central government laws and regulations in the form of non-public economy healthy and rapid development has provided policy support. With a good wind. ,. Good rain knows the season. From now on, the new stage of China’s non-public economy, especially the private economy, has entered a new stage of large quantity growth and quality improvement.
According to the National Federation of industry and Commerce statistics, as of September 2007, the number of private enterprises reached 5 million 380 thousand, accounting for more than 80% of the national legal person enterprises, become China’s largest enterprise groups. Individual private economy has accounted for about 40% of the national GDP. In the process of rapid development of non-public economy, the emergence of a large number of private enterprises, some enterprises have become the industry pacesetter, well-known brand founder, leader of the local economy Teng barbara.
“China Business Times” in the review of the non-public economy 30 years, summarized the road. The contribution of non-public economy to national economy has accounted for about 65% GDP, accounting for 70-80% of economic growth, to become the biggest driving force of economic development has become the main source of it absolutely solve the social problem of employment Chinese, provides an important guarantee for its continuous policy, legal system and fair treatment process for social stability, strong impetus the whole society more fair it is a strong impetus to the whole social capital and social factors of production efficiency, create a vitality, it increases the wealth of the people to participate in the new rural construction, balanced regional development, contribution to public welfare undertakings, in a positive way to contribute to the progress of the society.
The vibrant socialism is the people’s own creation, the vibrant non-public economy is the private entrepreneurs, including the public sector and the creation of a common. Non-public economy, especially the development of private economy, has become a vivid textbook of China’s reform and opening up. The leading role in the history of the brilliant development of the world, is thousands of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, they no matter from where, regardless of how the status of the former, have jointly participated and witnessed a new era to create wealth as a significant symbol. In the new century, the private enterprise team size, quality and past cannot be mention in the same breath. They are representatives of the new economy, the rapid appreciation of the land, the rapid development of the capital market, the rapid formation of the wealth accumulation effect of the golden age, so that the rapid increase in economic status, political status has been significantly improved, social influence is growing. In particular, with the wealth of the creator of the structure of the replacement, a large number of private entrepreneurs on the new generation of the front. One of them in a number of people in the rich list of the gorgeous debut, becoming the focus of attention. So, in the creation of wealth on the road, the success of the losers, the story of a different interpretation of their different wealth life, reflects a different living conditions.