King of the ferns-the black tree fern

Black tree fern, Cyathea tree ferns of the family. Petiole residue on the trunk, 1~2-pinnate clustered stems, most of pinnae, alternate leaves and paper. Black tree fern in bloom or not, is not the result, no seeds, leaves the back of the spores to reproduce. The Earth‘s Mesozoic, tree ferns have been full of glorious history in the world,but with the emergence of seed plants, tree ferns declined, so far only a few types,black tree fern is one of the rare species, has been listed as a national second-classprotection plants. Because of the black tree fern in plant evolution in the position, study of the paleoBotany and Plant Systematics has important significance.
Black tree fern stems are rich in starch, can be used as medicine, rheumatism, strong bones and muscles, the effect of clearing heat and relieving cough.
Black tree fern found in Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Zhejiang, 2 South, Hong Kong and other places.