Entrepreneur survival risk management

Entrepreneur survival risk management
Master of risk management is not necessarily the greatest entrepreneurs, butgreat entrepreneur is master of risk management wenliuxingcheng
Since the end of 2008, Huang guangyu, three times elected to the richestentrepreneurs of wealth can be heard reports of alleged economic crimes.Self MOU qizhong, and Yu Zuomin, and Chu Shijian, Tang wangxin, Sun DAWU,and Chen Jiulin, and Zheng junhuai, and Gu chujun, and Li Jingwei, and Dai Guofang, and Gong Jialong, Chen tonghai, Zhou zhengyi, Mr Zhang, etc then,ill-fated legal risks for Chinese entrepreneurs have one more encounter inLok Ma.
Lok entrepreneur in the law, and the operation and management of enterpriseinsolvency or bankrupt entrepreneurs, was defeated by the risks, no matterhow brilliant they once, is not considered good entrepreneurs, they alsomissed, unless it is able to make a comeback and a career.
Operation and management of enterprises, is the integration of resources andprocesses to manage risk. Entrepreneurs sometimes fall within the legalrisk, sometimes troubled economic risk, legal risk and economic risk isoften most of the time came together.
He who laughs last, laughs best? Good entrepreneurs at least the tumbler.Great entrepreneurs to enterprise management and administration of theircentury-old shop, realization of Evergreen.
The difference between good and great entrepreneurs is that entrepreneursare generally of good risk management experts, or discover and use riskmanagement experts of the Bole, and great entrepreneurs is a master of riskmanagement. Great entrepreneurs not only attaches importance to the economicrisks of the enterprise, pay more attention to the legal risk. Legal risksof collapse of an enterprise can be dragged down even, such examples abound.Regardless of whether Mu qizhong and neg really commit the crime of fraud onletter of credit, the plain truth is, once the largest private enterprisesin SouthGerman group and therefore ceased to exist, one filled with emotion.
Master of risk management is not necessarily the greatest entrepreneurs, butgreat entrepreneur is master of risk management. United States of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Wang Shi, China‘s Li Ka-shing, ren zhengfei, theyare great entrepreneurs, and is a master of good risk management. Enterpriserisk management can be great entrepreneurs to the extreme, they areoutstanding master of risk management.
Continuously maintains the status of 13 of the world‘s richest man Bill Gates often said is Microsoft only 18 months away from bankruptcy. This isBill Gates‘s understanding of enterprise risk.
Newly crowned world‘s richest man, Warren Buffett, Graham, apprentice masterof risk management, life‘s margin of safety investment principles, mainlyby investing in the success of the world‘s richest man, whose BerkshireHathaway Company owned shares had hit a record of as much as $ 130,000 pershare. Only two Buffett‘s investment principles: first, never take risks;the second, never forget the first.
In the view of many entrepreneurs, Chinese‘s richest man, Li Ka-shing, is very conservative. Especially during the economic crisis, Li Ka-shing‘scompanies will retain a large amount of cash, greatly reducing the debtratio. Never got into Li Ka-Shing enterprise financial risk approach, laidout his position during the Chinese entrepreneurs in the wind and rain.
The spread of the global financial crisis in 2008, Huawei‘s global salesrevenue of $ 18.33 billion, an increase of 42.7%. Ren especially vigilant in times, when the company was in the ascendant, ren zhengfei internal thinkingarticles published in the winter of Huawei. Since then, China economic andbusiness circles to describe the economic downturn or when there‘s a risk,winter analogy.
Real estate companies, China vanke company became leader, and Wang vankecompany fixed a lot of the rules can be implemented is inseparable. Vankerisk rule, one does not touch legal red lines, second, instead of a profitof more than 25% of real estate projects.
Gree electric appliances [1.26% fund research], Chairman Zhu jianghong andGeneral Manager Dong mingzhu, flatly refuses to diversified temptation whilesteadfastly refused in a wide range of business risks, concentrate on air conditioning, the achievements of China‘s air conditioner industry first andso far only world famous.
Great entrepreneurs are risk management guru, and hapless entrepreneurs eachhave their own risks. Entrepreneurs how to avoid bad luck, and become a goodor great entrepreneur, winner for the King became the winner in thecorporate jungle? Entrepreneurs in an invincible position sleeve has at least two: one is to not push legal red lines and the other is to controlfinancial risk.